CTS Electronic Components

CTS Electronic Components


CTS Corporation (NYSE: CTS), founded in 1896, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of a diverse array of electronic components, sensors and actuators. Primarily fulfilling the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), CTS is proud of its over 100-year heritage of innovative products and engineering excellence. With an established global footprint, CTS products are manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art technology driven by a highly capable and dedicated staff. CTS products and services can be found in a diverse array of applications worldwide—Everywhere. Everyday.

What We Do/Strategy

Using our extensive capability in materials technology and applications engineering, we develop customized products that serve our global and diverse customer base with complex needs. Our growth strategy includes initiatives related to ongoing new product introductions, geographic market expansion, broadening our customer base and targeting strategic acquisitions that add shareholder value.

Components and Sensors Segment

We design and manufacture an extensive line of vehicle sensors and actuators used in powertrain, safety, fuel and emissions control systems; ceramic and crystal-based engineered electronic components used primarily in wireless communications infrastructure equipment; piezoelectric materials, heat management and resistive-based components used in medical, defense and aerospace, computer, consumer and industrial equipment applications.