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Big Data: It's everywhere and increasingly critical to businesses and consumers around the world. Some create it, some store it, and some analyze it. Inphi moves big data - fast, in the long haul market, metro market, and data center. We are the corollary to those who move physical data; we are the FedEx™ of digital data.

Our leading edge, high-speed, mixed signal semiconductor solutions equate to the planes, trains and trucks used by overnight delivery services to quickly and reliably speed information from place to place. Digital System on Chips (or SoC) follow Moore’s law, growing 100 times in bandwidth every 10 years. Analog and mixed signal chips, cannot keep up, growing 15 times in bandwidth every 10 years, creating a digital-analog divide, or bottleneck. Inphi solutions bridge the digital-analog divide, and allow continued bandwidth growth. We do this with three interconnect product families: optical, networking and memory.

Our Optical interconnect products which include amplifiers and drivers, are our planes, working across 3,000 kilometers in the long haul and metro markets. Inphi enables carriers and other service providers to move massive data streams to where they need to be, whether on legacy 10G networks, today's 100G networks or tomorrow's lightning fast 400G next-generation networks. Our leading edge optical products are designed into routing, switching, and optical transport equipment for the long haul and metro markets, delivering data with high signal integrity wherever it needs to go.

Our Networking interconnect products, which include CDRs (clock data recovery chipsets) and Serdes (serializer- deserializer), are our trains, working across hundreds of meters in data centers. These products, both for the Enterprise and Cloud Data Center markets, serve the needs of customers building routing and switching systems designed for the ever-growing volumes of data moving through cloud-based architectures for software as a service (SaaS) and web services. These network to CPU products offer full 10G/40G/100G data rate transitions, improved margins and deliver the highest on-chip signal integrity.

Finally, our Memory interconnect products, which include buffers and registers, serve as our trucks, working across millimeters or centimeters, connecting CPUs to memory. These products speed the movement of data for server memory and storage equipment within the enterprise and Cloud data center. These products address the growing need for in-memory databases, which has never been greater and continues to accelerate. Our memory buffer and memory register customers count on Inphi products to reliably deliver best in class signal integrity at high signaling rates. With our solutions, customers can operate at higher speeds, with greater memory capacity, and better power efficiency, thereby providing more cost-effective and energy-efficient operations.

Inphi's expertise in signal integrity pervades all three of our product lines and results in reliable data delivery, at high speeds, over a variety of distances. As data volumes ramp exponentially, infrastructure built for an analog world can't keep up. The need for speed, in the long haul, metro and data center market has never been greater. That's where we come in. Customers rely on Inphi's solutions to bridge the digital-analog divide and keep their businesses moving forward without bottlenecks.

Our focus on fast data movement and customer success in our core markets has enabled us to grow the company fast. Revenue has been growing rapidly. Our employee base has been growing fast as well, and we are rapidly adding the best and brightest analog, mixed-signal, and DSP talent to our ranks. We are focused on customer success, enabling them to move fast to deliver differentiated solutions in the markets they serve.

Our story is simple: We move data fast. We allow our customers to move fast. As a result, our company is growing fast.

Join us and move fast as a customer or member of our team!

Inphi – Think Fast. ™

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