Parlex Corp.

Parlex Corp.

Parlex offers world-class design, prototyping, value added assembly and custom manufacturing for flexible circuits and flat flexible cabling. Many Fortune 500 companies trust Parlex to help design, prototype and manufacture their most demanding new products. With over 35 years of experience in flex circuit design and manufacturing, Parlex offers the broadest range of flexible circuitry and flat flexible cable products and services in the electronics industry.  Our business development and engineering teams work together to choose the best design, right materials, and define production methods that maximize product performance for our customers. We are anchored in our commitment to quality and cost effective product by an exceptional manufacturing team that coordinates operations in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Parlex is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Electric, the world leader in motion related businesses.

Parlex products and technologies are used in many key industries including:

Computers, Communications and Consumer Products
Electronic Identification and RFID Tagging
Medical Devices and Life Sciences
Automotive and Industrial Products
Home Appliances

Innovation Commitment
We are committed to more than being the global leader for flexible interconnect technologies.  Our organization recognizes that as a performance driven supplier to a world class customer base, we must be the best at the practice of innovation. We embrace the unimproved landscape in front of us....choosing instead to pave the road for new technologies.

Parlex Major Milestones:
First to develop a plated thru-hole in polyimide flex circuits
First to selectively rigidize flex circuits
First multi-layer flex and rigid-flex circuits (Flexilayers®)
First to qualify to MIL-P-50884
First high power laminated cable
First high density laminated cable
First polyimide insulated laminated cable
First continuous conductor custom molded connector cable: U-FLEX®
First highly dynamic, flexible, shielded, laminated cable