Precision Electronic Components Ltd

Precision Electronic Components Ltd

Precision Electronics Corporation has been manufacturinghigh-quality industrial and military potentiometers since 1951. We
supply many of the world's leading aerospace, telecommunications and industrial manufacturers.

Our mission is very simple, yet very far from trivial: to keep your product lines working. This means not only shipping you quality parts on time, but continually adapting and repositioning ourselves to meet your changing needs.

Quality begins with design. Precision's resistance elements are fabricated from hot molded carbon, creating an integrated unit that incorporates substrate, collector and terminals. Our military-style units feature all-metal housings, stainless-steel shafts and gold-plated terminals.

Our extensive in-house capabilities ensure flexibility and minimize lead times.

Precision's quality-assurance system delivers compliance with all your specifications. Our incoming, in-process and final inspections, together with our quality-conformance testing, maintain product consistency. Little wonder, then, that for over 30 years Precision's output has appeared on the US Government's Qualified Products List.

Precision is pleased to custom-tailor electrical and physical characteristics, inspection procedures, packaging, and production and delivery schedules.

Precision Electronic Components Ltd

Precision Electronics Corporation
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