Spectra Symbol

Spectra Symbol

Spectra Symbol is the linear potentiometer manufacturer trusted by OEMs and design engineers worldwide. We have a solid reputation for producing best in class position sensors, having become invaluable assets for businesses in multiple industries. The growing need for reliable electrical components with absolute position sensing capabilities makes us more eager to improve our product line.

Our extensive manufacturing experience allows us to deliver quality solutions to our growing clientele. We use the latest technology to design and create products that meet industry standards and surpass client expectations. Whether you’re in the automotive, medical, dental, robotics, or industrial manufacturing industry, we have potentiometers to satisfy your position sensing needs.

Our products and services include:


  • Linear Sensors (HotPot, SoftPot, ThinPot, MagnetoPot)
  • Flex Sensors
  • Membrane Switches
  • Contract Assembly
  • White Flex (flexible circuitry)

Extending our Reach

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Spectra Symbol is committed to bringing the most reliable components and manufacturing solutions to the market. We work with international distributors to make our products readily available to a greater number of customers. Find out if we have distributors in your country by talking to our sales representatives.

Visit our office at 3101 W. 2100 S. Salt Lake City, Utah to know more about us and our global partners. Our friendly staff will assist you in making your purchase. In case you’re living outside North America, our partners will contact you. Call us for pricing and availability. For inquiries on our products and the ordering process, please email us at sales@spectrasymbol.com orsupport@spectrasymbol.com.


3101 W. 2100 S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

P: +1 (888) 795-2283
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