Established in 1999 as a subsidiary of Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industrial Company, Ltd., Sunon Inc. is devoted to providing professional engineering expertise and excellent support to our customers in the U.S, Canada and countries in Central and South America. Located in Brea, California, Sunon Inc.'s office includes the design center, the product testing lab and the value added facility which provides support for specialized assemblies that is unique to the local market requirements. Sunon Inc's, manufacturers' rep, distributor salesforce and customer service rep is highly trained to provide efficient order handling and to assure supply of components. Our quality engineers are here to solve customer fan and motor problems.

Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industrial Company, Ltd, was founded in 1980 by Alex Horng, President, as a specialist manufacturer of fans and motors. The company's rapid growth worldwide paralleled the rise of the computer, the network communications and the telecommunications industries. Since Sunon's founding, the company has been devoted in developing new products and technologies. It is well known for its innovative and flexible custom design capabilities, consistently reliable products, and manufacturing efficiency. Sunon is a global company headquartered in Taiwan, with a strategic geographic presence in Asia, Europe and the Americas. With 5 regional subsidiaries, 70 distributors, and 1,000 sales representatives, Sunon is strategically positioned to offer its global partners a wide range of marketing, technical, training, and other support services.


Sunon designs and manufactures a full range of high-performance fans, blowers and coolers. The company is committed to supplying the widest selection of quality axial fans and blowers, which includes DC brushless fans, micro DC blowers, CPU coolers, graphic card coolers and AC fans. Sunon manufactures some of the industries smallest, thinnest and most power efficient fans and blowers in sizes ranging from 0.315 inches (8mm) to 10 inches (250mm) in outside diameter and from 0.157 inches (4mm) to 1.5 inches (38mm) in thickness. More than 700 different models are available to customers.


Sunon's fans, blowers and coolers find application in a wide range of industries and products. The company's products are used in many of the world's most popular personal computers, workstations, servers, networking hubs, scanners, printers and more. In office equipment, Sunon products can be found in copiers, fax machines and projectors. Sunon is equally at home in the appliance market, with applications for refrigerators, air cleaners and air heaters. Other markets include medical, laboratory and manufacturing equipment, as well as vending machines.


Sunon has amassed a rich portfolio of over 621 patents. The company focuses a significant amount of its resources each year into research and development activities. Among the many innovations resulting from its efforts are Sunon's unique single-phase full wave coil winding design, which allows hub sizes to be reduced significantly. This design not only extends fan blade size to increase torque, airflow and heat dissipation, but also results in the ability to create the world's smallest, thinnest and lightest brushless DC fan. Sunon's new innovative vapo bearing technology and magnetic system design eliminate wobbling, reduce bearing wear, offer exceptionally quiet performance and increase fan life at a cost that is no more than is typical with ordinary fans. Both technologies are patented and include state-of-the-art advances in bearing surface materials and impeller stabilization.


Sunon manufactures its products at three production facilities in Taiwan and two in mainland China, which are all capable of accepting large, high-volume orders. The company 's plants are large, clean modern facilities employing the latest in mechanized and fully automated assembly equipment. The company also maintains an extensive laboratory and testing facility to ensure that its products meet the industry's most rigorous electrical performance and environmental standards. The company's process and manufacturing engineers are working continuously to improve the volume and quality of product produced by Sunon.


Products are manufactured in ISO9001:2000 and ISO4001 certified facilities to assure excellent quality standards and processes, and to meet globally conscious environmental requirements. To ensure the highest quality, the company has unified its operations and process standards for production and quality control. Its workforce also receives in-depth training in quality methods, as well in the operation of the sophisticated manufacturing equipment at its facilities. The result is a highly capable manufacturing workforce able to implement the company's stringent quality standards. Sunon also audits all manufacturing processes and provides complete 100-percent online product testing.

Aug 11, 2015

Sunon, Inc., has announced a new family of weather resistant fans rated for reliable performance in a variety of harsh environments, including dust-proof and water-spray models that meet or exceed requirements per IEC 60529 specifications, including IP-55 and IP-21 conforming standards and sizes.

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