US-Lasers, Inc.

US-Lasers, Inc.

Established in 1992 by Donna Pitzo and later sold to LA Goddard located on the East Coast,  US-Lasers, Inc. is a privately held corporation with interests in the production of a large range of laser diodes and modules. Our laser diodes and module wavelengths are visible and infrared in a range of 5mW output power to 200mW output power for different applications and industries.

US Lasers, Inc. manufactures ALL AMERICAN MADE visible and infrared laser diodes, laser modules, and AlGaAs/GaAs wafers. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, advanced product development, and quality program coupled with our process improvements assures you of the finest product available.

Operations at US-Lasers, Inc. operates with three main objectives in mind:

To provide the highest quality laser products at the most affordable prices.
To provide the most professional, technical, and personal service required to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
To provide the fastest on-time delivery with value-added service in both the R&D aspect of the business and relations with the FDA for the customer.
Our focus and investment in people, equipment, and high-volume production combined with a tradition of innovation proves US-Lasers, Inc. is a strong reliable manufacturer. Operating professionally on both a personal and corporate level, US-Lasers, Inc. has not only the financial capability, but also the manpower to ensure stability in all areas of its business.

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