DAVE Embedded Systems

DAVE Embedded Systems

DAVE Embedded Systems' aim is to be a partner, not just a simple supplier.

A high degree of satisfaction can be achieved if DAVE Embedded Systems is able to establish a strong relationship with the customer. The DAVE Embedded Systems-customer relationship is based on open mind communication and an effective transparency and clearence of information through all the product design process. In this stage DAVE Embedded Systems is able to provide its unique support based on its knowledge built on experience. 

To reach this results DAVE Embedded Systems strives for continue proposing up to date CPU modules and boards based on the latest technologies thanks to its constantly up to date team. Continuous learning, master classes and team building are the key factors that permits DAVE Embedded Systems to achieve its own goals all together. 

Quality certifications are another important DAVE Embedded Systems focus. ISO 9001 and Reach regulation are already achieved. New certifications are coming mainly in technical and internal climate areas in order to provide customers the basis for trust in DAVE Embedded Systems as a partner that take care about clients and its own employees. 

Since DAVE Embedded Systems is a manufacturing company the quality and reliability of its products is ensured by 100% control on the production phases and long term investment in research and development. The real DAVE Embedded Systems' added value is its unique ability to provide timely and ongoing, services and technical support, that highlights the ability and knowledge of customers.

Know How 

DAVE Embedded Systems, thanks to the experience and knowledge that comes from design and manufacturing of CPU modules, is able to offer a customized support service, which is based and defined on the needs of its customers. 

The main DAVE Embedded Systems' knowledge is based on the ability to design embedded devices (CPU modules also called COM Computer-On-Module or SOM System-On-Module) that integrates the edge technology (state of the art) available in the semiconductor market and interfaces communication (SATA, PCIe, etc.).

The number of available customizations on DAVE Embedded Systems' CPU modules offer the capability to satisfy and tailor-made the customers' embedded systems. 

Additionally, in harsh environments the DAVE Embedded Systems' products provide strong and absolute reliability. The DAVE Embedded Systems' product must start and work always in any conditions. The DAVE Embedded Systems' products are designed and developed in-house with the huge know how that comes from a deep experience in many different markets with different needs and issues.

DAVE Embedded Systems offers its knowledge in areas where already worked in the past. This expertise is a value added to the DAVE Embedded Systems' offer. The advantage for the customer is the access to a complete service that typically provides elements of constructive and competent dialogue. The ability to innovate, to develop new technologies and projects allows DAVE Embedded Systems to increase their skills studying and experimenting new offers for customers that may develop in future applications and offers.


In DAVE Embedded Systems' philosophy it's all about customers. DAVE Embedded Systems operates in order to enhance the importance of customer's needs. DAVE Embedded Systems' networking is a partners interconnection created in order to satisfy all parties involved in a project:

1) The customer that has a need and is looking for a solution. 
2) The partner that helps the customer to connect with DAVE Embedded Systems in order to find a solution.
3) The Sales & Customer Care that understands customer need and coordinates the activities in order to propose solutions.
4) The R&D team that works in order to meet and satisfy the network requests. 

The customer support is a set of capabilities that DAVE Embedded Systems supervises and coordinates with the purpose to facilitate customer finding and obtaining solutions


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