Why Telegesis ?

The answer is:

  • World’s largest supplier of SiLabs based ZigBee modules.
  • Manufactured under strict controls.
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • TS 16949:2002
  • RoHS compliance
  • Active Environmental policy
  • Every module tested (not just batch tested)

As a specialist provider of Zigbee modules our customers gain real benefits by buying Telegesis ZigBee modules. We are already helping customers to:

  • Build wireless capability without the need for specialist RF and embedded programmers
  • Get their wireless solutions to market faster
  • Reduce engineering and design costs
  • Reduce their design risks and focus on their core strengths.

Build Specialist ZigBee solutions without specialist RF skills

Building robust, easy to deploy solutions based on self healing mesh networks does not need to be daunting. Telegesis lets you focus on what you are good at, and takes care of the more complex issues in designing wireless solutions. The ETRX2 and ETRX3 range have already proven themselves to be easy to use but with a high level of functionality – enabling you and your organisation to deliver effective wireless solutions without the need for specialist RF and embedded software skills.

Get your solutions to Market faster

Because we have already integrated a ZigBee chip, antenna and complete AT command layer , much of the work you might have expected to do has already been done. In a competitive market where organisations are racing to get ZigBee based solutions to market, Telegesis can help you leapfrog your competitors and offer ZigBee based solutions to your customers first.

Minimise your design costs

Of course, this also means design costs are reduced. Using complete, fully certified, finished wireless modules minimises both the specialist skills and resources required to build ZigBee wireless applications, as well as reducing overall development time.

Reduce the risk of moving to ZigBee technology

If you need to integrate ZigBee technology into your application you will want to work with specialists who have a proven track record in ZigBee. Telegesis has already been providing completely finished, certified modules and other related products for a several years.

We have also worked closely with organisations to advise on the best way to use ZigBee. If you are moving into the ZigBee arena we offer a proven way forward that reduces the risk of building advanced ZigBee functionality into your solutions.

Work with ZigBee specialists

Telegesis has been helping engineers integrate ZigBee into their applications for a number of years. Our complete range of easy to use wireless modules are FCC certified and we can provide all the required integration assistance you need to get your applications up and running.Telegesis has unrivalled experience working with companies of all sizes getting their ZigBee based products to market.You can be confident that there is no better ZigBee technology partner to help you to build you own ZigBee product.

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